A natural healthy snack for young and old

Made of lightly salted, smoked, dried and flaked meat from elk, deer and reindeer

No carbohydrates

Sugarfree and Low in fat

Delicious and Organic

wild chips

An all-natural and healthy alternative for increasing physical endurance

Wild Chips – a pure natural product from the wilderness. Made of lightly salted, smoked, dried and flaked meat from elk, deer and reindeer. As natural as any food can be. The only preservative is salt.


Protein functions as the bricks on which muscles are built.
The extremely high protein content in Wild Chips makes
them suitable as a healthy snack in- between meals for
both children and adults. Because of their optimal ratio of
weight to nutritional value, Wild Chips are used on tough

and demanding expeditions where light-weight and high-
energy are required. Wild Chips are not just for survival

expeditions – they are also perfect for a day trip.

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